If you know how to steep tea, you know how to make beer. It's that easy.


  • Save up to have the price of commercial beer
  • Know every single ingredient
  • No-hassle, no-fuss instructions
  • Own the bragging rights


This kit is 100% reusable. Simply come back and order an ingredient refill when you need it.


Colonel's Blonde (pronounced Kernel's) is an easy drinking, crisp and refreshing blonde ale. Inspired by the hard workers who built the Rideau Canal at the heart of Canada's capital.


4% to 4.7% ABV and 21-25 IBU.


*Fermentation needs to be at a temperature of 53 °F to 77 °F / 12 °C to 25 °C




  • Easy to follow instructions
  • 3.8L / 1 gal. fermentation bucket and lid
  • 6 x 355 ml (12 oz.) glass bottles and caps
  • Airlock and grommet
  • Spigot and filter
  • Bottle filler, tubing and funnel
  • Beer ingredients: dry malt extract, brewing sugar, hops, yeast, priming sugar, whirlfloc tablet, oxy-san sanitizer




  • Tap water
  • 5L / 1.3 gal. brew pot/stockpot or larger
  • Spoon, teaspoon, scissors, timer and drinking/shot glass


Click here for PDF instructions

The Micro Brewing Starter Kit - Colonel's Blonde

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