If you know how to steep tea, you know how to make beer. It's that easy.


  • Save up to have the price of commercial beer
  • Know every single ingredient
  • No-hassle, no-fuss instructions
  • Own the bragging rights


This kit is 100% reusable. Simply come back and order an ingredient refill when you need it.


West Coast Trail IPA is a clean, crisp india pale ale. Gives off citrusy, fruity aromas balanced with a clean malt flavour foundation. Named after its hops, originating from the Pacific Northwest.


4.7% to 5.4% ABV and 47-54 IBU.


*Fermentation needs to be at a temperature of 53 °F to 77 °F / 12 °C to 25 °C




  • Easy to follow instructions
  • 13.2L/ 3.5 gallon fermentation bucket and lid
  • 20 qt stainless steel brew pot with lid 
  • 24 x 355 ml  bottles with caps 
  • Grain bag
  • Airlock and grommet
  • Spigot and filter
  • Bottle filler, tubing and funnel
  • Beer ingredients: grains, dry malt extract, brewing sugar, hops, yeast, priming sugar, whirlfloc tablet, oxy-san sanitizer.




  • Tap water
  • Spoon, teaspoon, scissors, timer and drinking/shot glass


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The Craft Brewing Starter Kit - West Coast Trail IPA

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